Who We Are


Mitosis is a performance marketing agency which drives online sales. We deliver online sales by helping businesses build, operate and manage their digital sales channel. We are good at what we are doing because we put the customer at the front and centre of everything that we do. We are not the type of sales man who sell ice to the Eskimo, because we know it will be more profitable and ethical to sell it to a man with a warm glass of soda. Because our profit is forever intricately linked to our client's sales performance, we know the customer is our true paymaster.

our values

We like honest people. Not because they’re morally superior. But because they dare to stand for something. Even if it hurts.

In a world where we all like to wear masks, honest people stick out awkwardly. It’s that single mother at a high school reunion who doesn’t pretend her life’s more successful. It’s that struggling cab driver that returns a lost wallet. It’s that small town kid in a big city who doesn’t feel the need to change his accent just to fit in. It’s who you are every time you speak out from your heart, when you swallow your pride and admit you’re wrong, when you laugh at your mistakes, when you humble yourself to say: “I don’t know the answer to that”, and when you can accept there is always someone better, faster, smarter than you.

Being honest is tough. Because there is no honesty gene. It is a choice. And people who make that choice, belong here.

Benjamin Fong
Founder / CEO
Liung Kim Thong
Head of Brands
Bayu Putra
Head of Technology
Susan Phang
Office Manager
Sparsh Mehta
Head of Analytics & Insights
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