Race Against
The Machines

100 PLUS

Nov 2014 - Jan 2015

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100Plus is the market leader for isotonic drinks in Malaysia, commanding 90% of the market share. The brand has been conventionally strong with Malaysians of age 35 and above. 100Plus knows that the path to growth requires the company to improve its brand appeal to the younger generation by repositioning it to be more than just a sports drink.


We decided to launch a brand new concept named “Race Against the Machines”. Instead of organising a conventional run which appealed mostly to competitive athletes, we reimagined fun run and created an entirely new experience.

On the event day, runners were given a personalised barcode that contained their three “Lives”, instead of the usual race numbers, The objective was to cross the finish line with at least one “Life” remaining. To reach the finish line, participants had to dodge, outrace and evade detection from airborne drones which were set loose to “hunt” them down.

Each drone came with searchlights and high definition video cameras and had six electric-powered propellers that allowed it to accelerate up to 57km/h.

Participants who could not come to the event were still able to join the run as “drone masters”. We allowed them to operate the video cameras attached to the drones from the comfort of their homes. Their task was to capture the runners by taking snapshots of their barcodes. They were each given 25 shots of fire from the bot cameras and every runner’s barcode that was captured would earn them points.


The video features the mechanics of the run, the event and the campaign results which were announced two months after the campaign period had ended.



The participants of the event were asked to register at the campaign website where they could find detailed information about the run. They had to pre-select the team they wished to be aligned with. The website built for Race Against the Machines was fully responsive and accessible from all internet based devices. It used WebGL technology to create a 3D effect of “being in space”.


The Event


3,000 runners and more than 800 registered drone masters participated in this ‘first in the word’ fun run event. We collectively made this event a roaring success.

In 2 months’ time

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