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How To Increase Your Insurance Sales By 500% – Simply By Blogging!

One thing that most business owners have realized is that if you want be more successful and make more money, you have to get online. This is especially true for insurance companies. Looking at the competition, you can clearly see many of them already embracing the online media with all their different social media accounts. With e-insurance fast becoming the norm in the industry, your company must also gradually reduce its reliance on traditional, offline and face-to-face marketing methods to boost your sales and attract, nurture, and retain a whole new generation of policyholders, especially among millennials.  

Your company has already done the same. You’ve created the company’s official Facebook page, sent out some company tweets, and have started to establish your brand on LinkedIn. But to get ahead of the rest of the pack, what must you do? The answer is simple: Start a great blog.


Here are some facts regarding the importance of insurance companies creating a business blogs according to marketing software platform Hubspot. Firstly, insurance company websites with business blogs attract 55% more traffic than those that do not. Secondly, more than 30% of insurance companies that produce business blogs acquire new clients through their blogs. This is a huge advantage to be had over the competition, and can make a world of difference in the pursuit of successful sales.

To achieve great success in the e-insurance industry though, a different type of blog is required. Here are some pointers to help you build a great website with a blog guaranteed to attract more customers to your brand and eventually, get more sales.


Understand the Need for the Blog

Think about the industry you’re in: it’s all about trust, right?  The best insurance companies build up a personal relationship with their different clients. Once a relationship is established, there’s a good chance that those clients will become loyal to you and come to you for all of their insurance needs (life, travel, home, auto – you name it).

Getting online and having a great blog can prove to be just as effective for getting new clientele than talking over the telephone or in person. But you do have to have certain things going for your blog in order to make it a success.


Keep It Simple

For the convenience of the reader and your customers, your blog should be easily found. A good idea is to link it from your official website. It should have information that is clearly laid out and displayed for everyone to see and be easy to navigate. A good test of any blog is for you to step back as the creator or company owner, and then enter from a visitor’s perspective. Would you stay on that page? Or would you click away to another page (aka your competitors’ website)?

Have clear headers.  Describe what your products and services are about, and clearly define and display links so that people can click on to find out more about them on separate pages. Make sure that your contact information is easy to find and is always present (this can be as simple as having a “contact us” link at the top of each page).


Include an Educational Element in your Website

How people make purchases and close sales has changed. Back in the day, for insurance, only basic information such as price and insurance type was readily available to the customer. More specific insurance-related info, such as insurance buying tips for young families, were hard to find, and in most cases, you would need a company representative or agent to provide it. The millennial generation loves to follow new blog posts and updates, so make sure yours is attractive and educational enough to attract new readers.

Nowadays customers want to educate themselves about how your products can solve their problems on their own time. They prefer to read content that is relatable to them, and make a considered purchase based on what they learned. You need to understand what sort of buyers are purchasing your products and create educational content that speaks to them. You will end up increasing traffic to your blog!


Update Frequently

A great way to manage all the content you’ve created is by including it a regularly updated blog on your website. Everyday, your blog should be updated with 2 or 3 new articles. Each article should focus on a specific topic so that your audience reach will be much wider with each update.

Not every article you post should be about insurance. For instance, an article about the best places to scuba dive in the world doesn’t have to even mention the word. You can make a reader who is unaware about insurance realize that, in fact, he would need life insurance to truly enjoy the places you wrote about.

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Be The Interesting Conversation Starter

Customers tend to stay loyal to your company or brand if they consistently seek out your blog to learn more about insurance. Not just what type of insurance packages your company offers per se, but also more general tips and information related to insurance. One of your very first posts can have an attention-grabbing title such as “We Bust The 6 Biggest Myths About Life Insurance!” and this will attract readers’ to it. You can then link follow-up articles or related posts within the article itself, creating a continuous conversation between brand and customer.

Think of this process as similar to making friends with someone at a bar. You need that interesting opening line that will catch the attention of people, then throughout the conversation you need to maintain interest by stating something new about yourself or a new topic. You will gain the trust of people if the information you provide is of value to them and is helpful. If you run your blog like this, you’ll be getting that traffic that you can convert to leads!

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