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Why insurance needs to go online now

People today spend a large part of their time looking into one of the four screens daily. It’s time insurance catch up with technology and set their sights on the online community.

Cyberspace holds a treasure trove of potential. Having in-depth knowledge of the consumers and how they progress through their journey holds unparalleled advantage in tapping into potential sales. Fact, during an insurance shoppers’ research phase, many of them do not hold on to their initial consideration. 33% of insurance shoppers also tend to switch insurance providers when it’s time to purchase. But these prospects are not entirely lost and they can be brought back with an effective retargeting strategy.

Shoppers tend to be influenced by word-of-mouth. This is not limited to verbal exchange as it also refers to information shared through social media.

The potentials of digital landscape are equally attractive for both customers and business. For insurance customers, things are just that much more convenient. But more importantly, insurance businesses can see improvements in their conversions rates and potential reductions in operational costs. There are opportunities that will arise such as the ability to mine the data left behind by customers during the course of their journey. This allows companies to implement more effective retargeting strategies for their marketing. Some of the existing processes for insurances can also be automated by implementing the right digital tool.

Digital marketing creates new avenues of communication that will bridge the gap between customers and business, allowing them to connect to existing and even new prospective customers. One of the things insurance businesses can capitalize on is to establish a means of serving existing customers through the internet on post-purchasing matters.

A survey conducted by HBR states that an integrated marketing strategy fueled by customer insight can drive strong performance. Investing in useful digital capabilities and well-trained or experienced talents will also make excellent additions to the formula.

There are several ways to achieve rewarding results by taking insurance online. First is by determining areas that can contribute relatively to success, such as digitalizing customer services and reducing operational costs. Improvement can be attained by streamlining the user experience further by digitalizing claims and allowing users to carry out their submissions without having the need to physically visit an agent to solve pressing matters. But more importantly, making decision. With sufficient research and analytics, customer profiles can be established. Apart from that, targeting can be implemented in companies’ marketing strategy to reel in customers even on the earliest stages of consideration. Companies like Tune have already reveled in the success of their digital campaign.

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