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100 PLUS

Nov 2014 - Jan 2015

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100PLUS is Malaysia’s leading isotonic drink. In October 2015 the company introduced its newly designed bottle during the launch of its campaign “Outdo Gravity”.

As a digital agency, our task was supposed to merely support this campaign by promoting the message online. But we chose to do a little more than just supporting the campaign.


We believe a brand building initiative should not just preach. It should aim to inspire and energise its consumers by “doing”, rather than by “saying”.

So we asked ourselves to imagine the response of the average consumers at the very mention of the word, “outdo gravity. We believed they would perceive it as something ‘cool’, but at the same time thought it would be impossible to “outdo gravity”.

And that was exactly how the creative minds began to work overtime… “What if 100PLUS could make the impossible, possible? What if we could give our audience an experience they had never had before?”

And the idea grew to become Project Hawk-Eye!



We fused real video footage recorded by a drone with the immersive virtual reality of Oculus Rift to recreate a hyper-real experience of flying. Combining that with the clever use of huge air fans, the effect turned out to be so real that we wouldn’t recommend it for those who were afraid of heights.


From the whoosh of the wind as they ascended through the clouds to the distant din of the traffic below, every sound was synced to the consumer’s experience. The only sound that could have distracted them from their flight was their own rapid heartbeat.


Consumers were able to look around, speed up and take snapshots of their view to share with their envious friends, or they could just freeze the moment and enjoy the unbelievable, extraordinary view!


We deployed the hawk-eye booth at different retail locations. By doing this, not only could consumers experience “flying” for the first time, they could also buy bottles of 100PLUS with its new, enhanced look.



To give consumers a preview of the Hawk-Eye experience, we uploaded the 360-degree drone footage on the desktop and mobile friendly Hawk-Eye website. Here, visitors could also check where the next Hawk-Eye booth would be deployed.


Finally, to raise awareness and to drive traffic to the Hawk-Eye website, we created a short teaser video. The purpose of this video was to trigger consumers’ curiosity and to give them an idea of what they could look forward to in their “flight”.


100PLUS became the first brand in Malaysia to use virtual reality in an experience-marketing campaign. Through this project we were able to reach out to 2.7 million potential customers. Due to the experimental nature of Hawk-Eye we were able to drive the Cost per View down from MYR 0.10 (benchmark) to MYR 0.04 for the teaser video.

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