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Find new drivers on the internet-highway

Car buyers today don’t make an immediate trip to the showroom at the first thought of buying a car anymore. All their research is done at home or on-the-go on the digital platform. Mobile holds a large portion of the buyer’s purchase journey today, with many key moments that occur at each touch point. These moments represent opportunities to capture a new prospect for automotive businesses.

Mobile presence almost represents a universal importance today. It covers many aspects of the digital landscape and is not limited to merely maintaining an ‘online’ status on Facebook. An automotive website that’s designed just to locate dealerships are too narrow and will not win the attention of visitors. Visitors need function, a form of accessibility that can be had at the touch of a button. Car buyers visit automotive websites with the intent of making a purchase. Facilitating this process can help them decide and complete the process of purchasing the car they wanted.

Investing in mobile ads, search ads and videos are just some of the ways to generate leads for automotive businesses.

Designing a highly interactive automotive website can further help the visitors.

Having a degree of responsiveness will allow them the luxury of certain functions, such as buttons to call dealerships, get quotations, book test drives, and obtain necessary e-pamphlets. This can help car companies get the information they can use to help customers find what they are looking for.

There are several principles that can set you off on a good run. First, user experience. An intuitive and convenient experience will let visitors understand how to use and navigate the automotive website quickly. Targeting is also important. With sufficient data and analytics, an automotive company can decide who is their target audience and and what kind of products/cars they want. This is a key concept which prevents mistake of marketing content to a user that cannot find relevance in the ad. Last but not least, experimentation. A digital marketing campaign will not succeed immediately. Keep track of the campaign, review analytics and employ several channels to identify untapped opportunities. With each step, optimizations can be made to further refine the solution to obtain results that can improve ROI of automotive businesses.

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